Jan 27, 2011

From the series Inside the Womb

"Sofia Mckenna is a photographer born in 1994 right outside of Philadelphia. She discovered her
passion for photography at the age of 14. Realizing stories could be told and emotions could be placed
in photographs, she knew it was something close to her heart. Sofia's photos show make-believe
worlds and a twist in reality."

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...as time passes I am continuously and often desperately trying to fathom the hard facts of life: its loves, despair, anxieties and hopes through these small stories, both intimate and distant, both foreign and here, upon my own doorstep.

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Jan 7, 2011

Invitation to be Played 2

Rittenger is "interested in manipulating objects, environments, symbols and icons to be extracted
and repurposed to unearth suppressed feelings and or lost tendencies."

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From the series "Flatt 22," a reportage of one of Rome's underground leather daddy clubs.

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