Aug 29, 2011

Aug 15, 2011

Feb 2, 2011


Descry was able to raise necessary operation and expansion fees for 2011

and we want to send



Heather Young • Leslie Katz • Susan Swanson • Phyllis Haig • Roxanne Swaminathan • Andy Goodman • Michelle Tea • Colette Rene • Keiko Takano • Christopher Weller • Shayna Klein • Danica Von Hartwig • Adelaida Magallanes • Tara May • Lauren Anderson • Brian Ahern • Chantal O’keeffe • Stephanie Mardell • Debbie & Jeff Podlas • Arnold Klein • Dave Kimble • David Holstein • Case Garver • Dori Ciociolo • Meagan Cignoli • Meredith Lenci • Amy Pugliese • Janelle Garver • Julio Badel • Kristen Strutz • Rachel Elizabeth Lightfoot • Chrissy Anderson-Zavala • Dan Wool • Cecilia Long • Nathan Azhderian • Nicholas Haig-Arack • Debra Pimentel-Hawkins • Gwen Gunheim • Dustin Andres • Gregory Bartlett • Stephen Mardell

Jan 27, 2011

From the series Inside the Womb

"Sofia Mckenna is a photographer born in 1994 right outside of Philadelphia. She discovered her
passion for photography at the age of 14. Realizing stories could be told and emotions could be placed
in photographs, she knew it was something close to her heart. Sofia's photos show make-believe
worlds and a twist in reality."

See more of Sofia Mckenna's work here

See more of Rebekah Campell's work here time passes I am continuously and often desperately trying to fathom the hard facts of life: its loves, despair, anxieties and hopes through these small stories, both intimate and distant, both foreign and here, upon my own doorstep.

See more of Kirk Ellingham's work here

Jan 7, 2011

Invitation to be Played 2

Rittenger is "interested in manipulating objects, environments, symbols and icons to be extracted
and repurposed to unearth suppressed feelings and or lost tendencies."

See more of Rittinger's work here
From the series "Flatt 22," a reportage of one of Rome's underground leather daddy clubs.

See more of Penso's work here

Dec 22, 2010

Issue No. 3, Call for Submissions

Someone Stole My Heart

Guest Editor Mike Bailey-Gates

A portrait of the thief, the stranger, the lover, the one who never showed up, the one who slipped away. Remember the gaze, the chase, the flutter, the feast, the bliss, the solace, the shadow, the ache, the furnace ….the fall.

Love is a poem: a sail on the black sea, a shackle, a castaway, a message in a bottle, a reconstitution, a deep sigh, an orchestra, a simple chord. Love is driven by hunger, obscured by fears. Love is the moon in your eyes; Love is whom or what you see when your belly aches and you are lonesome once more. Love is absence and longing, love is your heart on the floor.

Expose yourself: love is human strangeness, love is sorrow, love is accidental. Show us how you pushed that someone away when you were too afraid to let yourself go; Love is all-encompassing, a feeling: a doing and undoing, a smokescreen, a flight, a weight, a forsaken, a case of the sweetest wine, a violin.

Romance us, we want magic and wonder; we want to see the one who held out their hands and presented you with their heart too, the one you always call whether you have won at the slots or just walked into a wall. The one who, when you are together, the world closes in on and only the two of you exist. Show us the one who stole your heart and held on tightly.

Issue No. 3 is your love story, the tale of you the other exposed. Show us it how it began, progressed, ended, lingers, or swells endless. Be candid, be fresh, be humbled and strange- be human, as there is no other reasonable way to talk about love: the wild horse: reckon-less, reasonless; Love is an empty hollow; Love is an ocean;


All visual submissions accepted. Deadline: February 18th, 2011


Please send 8 to 12 jpegs sized at 9 inches on the longest side at 72dpi to

Submissions must include a brief (400 word maximum) narrative, description, or biographical text as a word attachment for consideration.

Please include web address or online portfolio if possible.

All guidelines must be adhered to for review. Please be inspired.

Submissions: Please submit via email to

Complete guidelines and more Info here

Image by Sarah Small

A Presentation Featuring the Work of Descry Artists
Hosted by Chelsea Rae Klein
January 8th, 2011, 7:30pm
Undisclosed San Francisco Mission District Residence

Purchase of ticket includes a complimentary Korean and Japanese inspired California Cuisine meal by
Chef Dennis Lee of San Francisco's Namu and Cake Oh Takano.
Local wines included.

For More Info on Dennis Lee and Namu:

All proceeds will support Descry's 2011 expansions.

Tickets must be purchased by December 29th and are limited to 30 seats.

An email will be sent 48 hours prior to event to ticket holders with location and directions.

For more information and ticket purchase click on 'events' page @:

Nov 1, 2010

Descry is Raising Funds for our 2011 Expansion:

Invest in Descry's ability to offer continuous, extended and comprehensive support to visual artists and you will receive a gift!

Descry has launched our 2010 Kickstarter pledge-drive to raise ongoing operational funds and to seed our 2011 expansion that will provide a $1,000 women and queer photographers grant and year-round online gallery.

Show your support- Pledge today and receive gifts such as subscriptions to Descry, postcards, limited edition prints and more.

Issue No. 2- Catalogue of the Night, with guest editor Donald Graham Hershey
is now available for order here.

Issue No. 2 Features the Work of 28 Artists:

Michael Bailey-Gates, Lauren E. Simonutti, Kati Mennett, Angela Berry, Angel Chiriboga, Sarah Small, Gregory Bartlett, Chris Woodcock, Kristoffer Axen, Corey Michael Smithson,Jordan Reznick, S. Gayle Stevens, Julia Forrest, Morgan Kendall, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti,Bonnie Briant, Jeffery Campbell, Alek Lindus, Rytis Gervickas, Adrienne Lesperance,Ursula Sokolowska, Blair Phillips Friederich, Randi Berez, Viola Booth, Michal Giedrojc, Justin StGermain, Chelsea Rae Klein, Elena Zavala

Sep 26, 2010

Descry Presents:

3641 Main Street Gallery, Occidental CA
October 22, 7-11pm

Issue No.2 Release
Art Exhibit
And Silent Auction Featuring Work By:

Elena Zavala

And Chris Weller Presents:
A Magnificent Microcosm- The Smallest Circus in Western Territories

Performance By: Odd Bird
Homemade Ice Cream and Infused Beverages By: Born & Raised
With Toppings By: Produce to the People

Issue No. 2 will be released in late October

But is currently available for online pre-order here.

Please visit our website for more details.

Jul 30, 2010

There's still time to submit. Check guidelines here.

Meanwhile, here's some more submissions to look at:

Jul 29, 2010

Bauske's work resides in the space between dreams, reality and memory.

Bauske lives and works in San Francisco.

See more of Megan Bauske's work here.

Jul 27, 2010

From the series The Sewing Machine and the Umbrella

Night photography is another language- it is a different spacial plane- a different consideration of time- I see it as a hyperbolic reality- by framing isolated areas of light and darkness- it contains the subject whilst simultaneously proposing an infinite in black. It's this relationship that is surreal in subtlety- the person or the object and its stance with darkness proposes a multitude of questions.

Lindus was born in Paris, France and currently resides in Samos, Greece.

See more of Alek Lindus' work here.

Jul 22, 2010


Rosean "used to be terribly afraid of the darkness and thus, spent most of [her] nights indoors"..." illustrating the night and its associated horrors has helped [her] cope with the darkness."

See more of Clare Rosean's work here.

Jul 20, 2010

Forrest's medium format work "turns a mirror towards the viewer" in order to disengage the audience from the identity of the woman, instead demanding focus on her performative presence and power to manipulate the landscape.

See more of Julia Forrest's work here.

Talley's series confronts the "disturbing images and perversities" suppressed by our culture and thereby often exposed only in our dreams.

See more of Jason Rochelle Talley's work here.

Jul 16, 2010

"Mad Eyes"

"Over three and one half years I have spent alone amidst these 8 rooms, 7 mirrors, 6 clocks, 2 minds and 199 panes of glass. And this is what I saw here. This is what I learned...."

"I began to break time down.

Smaller and smaller parcels are easier to digest, easier to recognize, easier to bear.

This would be the math:

4 birthdays

3 + 1/2 years

42 months

1307 days (taking into account the leap year)

1,882,080 minutes

112,924,800 seconds..."

"I figure it could go one of two ways- I will either capture my ascension from madness to as much a level of sanity for which one of my composition could hope, or I will leave a document of it all, in the case that I should lose."

See more of Lauren E. Simonutti's work here.