Oct 31, 2009


"Plate 3: Dissection of the Neck" is from a collaborative collage series by
Julio Badel and Chelsea Rae Klein.

"Our personal knowledge of our internal organs, nerves and tissue is wanting/lacking/insufficient. We use our bodies continuously and yet throughout our lifetime, for the most part, we have no understanding of how it functions. This series combines both our naivete and our want to understand: the beauty of anatomy, mathematics in nature and the irony of our vanity."

To contact Julio Badel juliobadel@hotmail.com.

Oct 28, 2009

Grand Canyon-Carmel Tunnels, Haifa
from the series “Disintegration of a Revived Nation”

Yaniv Waissa works and lives in Jerusalem, but his photographic journeys lead [him] across [Isreal].

“Wherever I go I examine the relationship between man and nature and the, sometimes absurd, connection and constant tension between past, present and future”… “Everywhere I go I recognize a personal memory that can ignite a collective memory of the viewer. “

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Oct 24, 2009

Keri-Anne Pink has an
"obsession with fairytales and anything nostalgic."
She states that her photographic intent is to capture childhood memories and innocence.

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"The Personal Injuries Archive"

"The Personal Injuries Archive is a collection of self-sabotaging emotionally deformed states, such as self-pity, self-hatred, and disbelief in oneself. Its purpose is to portray the uncertainties of our mechanics as humans and to centralize our disconcerting need to sabotage what we really want to do and how little we believe in ourselves subconsciously - and indeed consciously. "

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Molly Surno, on her submission:

"The natural world begins and ends with explosions of light. Rawness in its essence evokes the vastness of color."..."The appearance of a car, a pile of cut wood, or lonely light bulb beg us to ask questions about the relationship between humankind and nature."

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From the Series "Unnatural Curiosities."

"Unnatural Curiosities is a series of still life images composed of an amalgamation of everyday objects arranged into a new context—- a context symbolic of our hidden desires, motivations, and anxieties. Each image contains objects gathered from various contexts. Most items have been discarded, lost, or previously hidden. They are then assembled into their own distinctive visual eloquence with the objective to create something greater than their individual meanings."
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Sarah Swenson's series titled "Lost" is an exploration of ruins.
This image was taken at the Eastern State Penitentiary in
Philadelphia, PA.

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